Welcome to Acker Farm

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Goats, Italian Honey Bees, Poultry and Swine...
Meet our herd!


Saanen Goats...



Reyes Farms Dream On

Registered White

DOB: 3/19/2016



Acres-of-Goats Day Light

Registered White

DOB: 2-17-15

Jug Tavern's ACH Harriett

Registered White

DOB: 2-28-16

McQuitty-Farm Camelot Dazzling

Registered White

DOB: 3-14-2017

King-Farm HD Jasmine Breeze

Registered White

DOB: 3-25-2017



Boer Goats...










We welcomed ducklings in 2018!

A short trip to TSC in the spring and some empty nesting at home for the humans led to the purchase of our first ducklings!

We think these are Khaki Campbells (two light and two dark) and we will hope for a drake and three hens once those adult feathers come in...

Chickens are laying...

Our Silver Laced Wyandotte, Araucana and Favorelle hens are providing plenty of brown eggs!  We have 17 hens and 1 rooster and are getting about sixteen eggs a day!  Our chickens are protected by their coop and dog kennel in the evenings and get to run the yard when we are home during the day... enjoying the sunshine, bugs and yard space!

Our coop expansion was completed in early 2015 and the girls (and boy) are still enjoying their extra space!

About SLW chickens...

Silver Laced is just one variety of Wyandotte.  There are also Golden Laced, White, Black, Buff, Columbian, Partridge and Silver Penciled.  They are beautiful chickens from the American class and were first created in New York!

Wyandottes are good dual/general purpose birds that weigh six to eight and half pounds. They are birds of curves with attractive color patterns. Hens lay between 150 and 220 large light brown to brown eggs a year. They mature quickly and the meat quality is very good. Wyandottes brood, infrequently or quite easily depending on the variety and individual hen, and their mothering skills are quite good.

Wyandottes are friendly and generally have a good disposition but are sometimes aggressive.  They are said to be great foragers and they do well in confinement. They are very attractive birds that would make good pets!

About Faverolle chickens...

About Araucana chickens...