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Getting Back to Our Roots

We were a young married couple who were both part of the "rat race" living in the suburbs of Indianapolis and wanting to raise our daughter in a more rural setting.  As she got older and expressed an interest in 4-H and livestock, we decided to take the plunge and build a homestead on family property so she could have animals and show livestock, and we could raise our own food and live a quieter life in the country.  We were blessed to be able to purchase family land that housed poultry, pigs and dairy just a few generations before us. 

As we built our home and participated with our daughter in 4-H, our interest in goats grew.  Our daughter showed many species, but we loved the goats the most (who wouldn't?!).  We have shown (as a family) NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats and ADGA Registered Saanen Dairy Goats for several years.  Now that our daughter is off living her own life, graduated from Purdue University and is now working as a Dietician in a zoo, her Dad and I decided to keep the Saanen Diary Goats  - in line with the history of this land that was once a dairy operation.  We now breed goats for milk, show and sale.


In addition to the goats, we lease land for farming and we also raise Cornish Cross Meat Birds for sale and have chicken and duck eggs, goat milk soaps and lotions and are expanding our line of goat milk products to include goat milk caramels!  Soon we will have honey for sale from one of our hives.  Check out our sale page!


We still work full time day jobs but our goal is to have an agritourism business here and share our love for the Earth, our goats and our products with you.  Take a look around our website and let us know if you have any questions! 

Fresh Eggs
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