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Hoosier Handmade

Acker Farm LLC is a proud sponsor of the Hoosier Handmade!

We started hosting an All Handmade Craft Fair as a place to showcase our products and then invited our crafty friends to this juried show to create a unique market and special shopping experience AND a way to give back to groups within our community!  You will find one-of-a-kind, quality handmade or hand-embellished items - all unique and made with love!

This is the official website for Hoosier Handmade - links to the official application can be found here when we are ready to share for the next event!

The next Hoosier Handmade is Saturday, August 24, 2024.  Applications will be open May 1- May 15.  This application is for BOTH the August and December shows. December information will be posted as soon as possible.  Acceptance emails for August will go out by May 27, 2024.

Hoosier Handmade Rules and Guidelines - August 24, 2024


1. I understand that Hoosier Handmade is only open to residents in Indiana.

2. I understand to be a participant in Hoosier Handmade must be handmade or hand embellished.

3. I understand that NO REFUNDS are given.

4. I understand that booths are either 10 x 10 ($75) or 10 x 6 ($65) and vendor must supply their own set up. Tables and/or chairs are not provided.

5. I understand that I must bring displays to set up my booth and may only bring items that fit inside my booth space.  I will not set up my items in neighboring booths or walkways.

6. I understand that each booth space must have a responsible operator at all times and vendors MUST REMAIN for the entire duration of the craft fair.  No early load outs.  Volunteers will be available to provide vendors short breaks as needed.

7. I understand that I am responsible for my booth set up.  Nothing is to be taped, tacker or otherwise fastened to wall, ceilings or floors.

8. I understand that tables must have a covering that reaches the floor.

9. I understand that I am responsible for cleaning up my own space at the end of the market, including removing all trash to trash receptacles.

10.  I understand that as a vendor, I am responsible for all monetary exchange for all merchandise including but not limited to the collection and payment of taxes associated with all merchandise sales as required by Indiana law.

11. Vendors selling food must have the required permits from the Health Department per Cottage Laws.

12. I understand that Heat Presses and Canopy Covers are not permitted inside of the building.

13. I agree that I WILL NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE products that are libelous, invade the privacy of others or infringe on a copyright or trademark. I agree that products in my booth will be family friendly and school appropriate.  Hoosier Handmade Craft Fair & Market Committee reserves the right to remove products that do not meet school guidelines.

14. I understand that no animals (except properly identified service dogs) are allowed at the market.

15. I understand that the Hoosier Handmade committee may request (via email) additional photos to be used for marketing in Vendor Spotlights featured in Facebook and Instagram.  If photos are not provided, I understand that my business will not be included in those vendor spotlights.

16. I understand that the majority of communication between vendors and the HHCFM committee will be done in the vendor Private Facebook Group.  I agree to accept the request and participate in the group page. Email invitations will be sent when vendor booths are paid.  Invoices to be sent once application is accepted.

17. I understand I am renting a booth space for my business in which I have submitted an application.  I understand that vendors are not permitted to giveaway or rent their booth space to anyone else or business.  If I am unable to attend, I will contact HHCFM Committee as quickly as possible so they can find a replacement. 

18. Vendors are urged to have general liability/product liability insurance HOWEVER, proof of insurance is not required to participate.

19. I understand that vendors and their associates and children display and attend at their own risk.  Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times. 

20. I understand that Hoosier Handmade Craft Fair & Market Committee has the right to reassign booth spaces as needed up to and including the morning of the event.

21. As part of promotional purposes, I agree to allow my booth to be promoted on Facebook Live on the day of the event.

22.  Vendor certifies that it shall conduct its activities at the event in full compliance with all applicable laws.  Acker Farm LLC, Hoosier Handmade Craft Fair & Market Committee, Whiteland High School representatives may remove any vendor from event if vendor, vendor's subcontractors or anyone working for or volunteering on behalf of vendor violates this agreement.

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