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  • What process do you use to make your soap?
    We only use Cold Process in bar soap making. Which means we freeze the fresh milk into the recipe amount and combine that with lye. The milk/lye mixture gets mixed with all of the natural oils we use and if fragrance is used, that is added in last! The soap mix is then poured into 5 lb molds and eventually cut and cured for 6-8 weeks before we package and label for selling.
  • What soap is best for sensitive skin? I'm allergic to everything!
    We use all natural products in our soaps but sometimes you can have a reaction! We recommend the Unscented bar or Unscented lotion to start with as that does not contain any fragrance oils to react to in case of an allergy. If you have a nut allergy, sometimes you can have a reaction to the Coconut Oil. If this occurs, let us know right away...we will gladly work with you to create a product you can safely use. We are currently working on an uber allergy friendly bar - with no Coconut Oil or fragrance. Look for that in 2024!
  • Do you have pet products?
    We are working on a dog line! We are researching the best and safest oils and fragrances for dogs...we plan to launch a dog line in the summer of 2024!
  • How does your deodorant work?
    Our deodorant is just that - a deodorant. It is not an anti-perspirant, because it does not contain aluminum to stop sweating. You will still sweat, but you will not experience the sweaty odor that comes along with it. We use arrowroot powder with goat milk powder to sooth sensitive underarm skin and deter odors. We do not use baking soda, which is in a lot of natural deodorants, because we find baking soda can also cause skin irritation. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
  • When and where can we buy goat milk caramels?
    We only make those for special occasions! You can get those form us at Easter time (usually around the first of April) and at Christmas time. If we made them all year long, they wouldn't be that special!
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