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We began making all natural soaps from our goats' milk as a way to sustain our daughter's 4-H Goat Project!  After several years of perfecting our own recipe and sharing with family and friends, we began selling at local markets.

Over time, we noticed not only did our skin stay hydrated and moisturized, but it looked healthier and younger too!  If you have allergies or skin sensitivities, we recommend the Unscented Bar to start!  It contains no Fragrance or Essential Oils.  If you would like to try another fragrance, look through our varieties and see what might smell nice to you!  No matter what soap you choose, you will only find all-natural ingredients without chemicals, colorants or detergents that will dry out, age or possibly irritate your skin.  Give it a try - Your skin will thank you!

Luffa Soap

Have you been looking for a scrubby soap?  We took the scrubby home grown luffa sponge and incorporated that dense fiber into a round soap mild paired with our favorite fragrances to make a 4 ounce soap bar with extra scrub power!  Especially great for flaky feet!  The longer you use it, the more scrub power you get!  

Shampoo Bars

Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bars are a gentle way to cleanse your hair and scalp, leaving you with healthy looking shiny hair. They’re better for the planet and more nourishing for your hair than conventional chemical-based shampoos thanks to minimal packaging and natural hair-loving ingredients.  Our Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bars are made with natural hair care ingredients to leave your hair fresh and clean, and your scalp cleansed and calm and they are packaged without plastic bottles so they are also better for our planet!

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